Here are some of the top spots in Toyama with spectacular views of summer.-1

Here are some of the top spots in Toyama with spectacular views of summer.

Why not stay comfortable and cool at a resort in Toyama to beat the summer heat?
Here are some of the top spots in Toyama with spectacular views of summer.


Sawasugi Nature Center

Clusters of cedar trees grow where the springs are located in Nyuzen, an area that was chosen as one of the “100 Best Springs in Japan, and it’s the only cedar forest growing near springs. The center itself has models, films, and panel displays, which present visitors with knowledge of Sawasugi cedar from a variety of perspectives.

From the observatory at Sawasugi Nature Center, a panoramic view of the countryside and the distant peaks of the Northern Alps spreads before you.

Around the center, there are walking trails for visitors as well. The thick vegetation blocks the glaring sun and the ferns along the footpath helped to create a mysterious atmosphere. After a short walk, the sound of gurgling water could be heard. The waters were clear as we approached the fan-shaped end of Kurobe River’s natural alluvial fan. When touched, the water was so cold that it felt as if the heat from my flushed body instantly disappeared.

The area is said to be rare in Japan as both warm-season and alpine plants coexist! It’s said that the fine water quality promotes an extremely favorable habitat for plants and animals.

If you take a lap around the forest, you can refresh yourself by taking in the crisp fresh air purified by the cedar.

The Most Beautiful Cylindrical Diversion Tank in Japan

The Higashiyama Cylindrical Water Diversion Tank facility for agricultural water use in Uozu City optimizes the drainage system by connecting to an aqueduct that starts on the left bank of the Katakai River. Throughout social media, the Higashiyama Cylindrical Water Diversion Tank has been called the “most beautiful” cylindrical diversion tank in Japan. It has also been selected as one of the “100 Best Cultural Properties in Toyama” (the modern historical heritage category).

Picturesque scenes are created by glistening leaves wet with morning dew, or in the evening, the light of the setting sun hitting the tank and the countryside, presenting new ways to experience their charms.

Why not spend some peaceful moments listening to the sounds of rushing water and looking out over the countryside?

Miyajima Gorge, Known as the “Small Niagara Falls”

Miyajima Gorge in Oyabe City is known for its collection of clear streams and beautiful waterfall views. The first waterfall you arrive at, Ichinotaki Waterfall, is 3 meters high and is also known as the “Small Niagara Falls.” We invite you to stand on the rocks in front of the falls and feel the current. Purify your body and mind as the sounds of the waterfall wash over you. 

There is a footpath leading from Ichinotaki Waterfall to Ninotaki Waterfall, and from the stairs, you can feel the surreal power of Ninotaki Waterfall.
Depending on the waterfall, you can observe it in many ways: from the front, from the stairs, and even from above.


Miyajima Gorge is also known as the “village of sculptures” due to its twelve bronze statues, each of which represents a different scene.

Why not spend some time at Miyajima Gorge this summer?

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