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Visiting Toyama in Winter

Winter in Toyama Prefecture sees a large amount of snowfall, allowing visitors to enjoy a silver-white winter wonderland. The pure white snow makes Toyama’s landscape even more spectacular. This article will introduce some of the beautiful scenic spots created by the cold winters in Toyama.

The World Heritage Site "Gokayama" is Most Beautiful in Winter

Gokayama Gassho no Sato, a World Heritage Site, is one of Toyama's most popular tourist destinations and is known as one of Japan's original landscapes, with its Gassho-zukuri style houses built with the region’s snowy climate in mind.

Visitors can enjoy wonderful scenery during each of the four seasons, but especially in winter, when the area is covered with snow and the whole area becomes a world of spectacular silver scenery.

The Ainokura Observatory in the Gassho-zukuri Village of Ainokura offers a panoramic view of the village. The snow-covered mountains and Gokayama make up a great photo spot.

Gokayama is beautiful in any season, but why not visit in winter when the heavy snowfall creates an otherworldly scene?

Shogawa Pleasure Boat Cruises Through Amazing Snowy Scenery

The Shogawa Pleasure Boat in Tonami City offers a cruising experience where you can enjoy the seasonal scenery of the Shogawa Gorge. In spring and summer, you can enjoy the lush, fresh greenery, while in autumn, the vivid autumn leaves are beautiful, but the best scenery of all is that of winter.

The scenery on a winter cruise is completely different from that of other seasons. You can enjoy the scenery that looks like a black-and-white ink painting.

While on board, the red Nagasaki Bridge and Toga Ohashi Bridge are recommended spots. The red bridges stand out against the winter scenery, and if you press the shutter, you can take photos that will look great on social media.

The cruise is offered in two routes: the Omaki Onsen route, leading you to a hidden hot spring inn accessible only by boat, and the Nagasaki Bridge route, for a shorter but equally captivating sightseeing adventure.

One of the best things to do in winter is to enjoy hot springs. We recommend taking the Omaki Onsen route and staying overnight at the hot spring inn! You can warm your cold body in a secluded hot spring that can only be reached by boat, and spend a special healing time in the quiet of the hot spring.

For those who want to visit various places in Toyama Prefecture and its surrounding areas, we recommend taking the Nagasaki Bridge route and enjoy the short-but-sweet sightseeing boat ride.

Choose the route that best suits your travel plans and enjoy the spectacular view from the Shogawa Pleasure Boat.

Enjoy the Contrast of Toyama Castle and the Snow

Toyama Castle is located in the center of Toyama City and stands tall as its symbol. It’s an easily accessible tourist destination located near Toyama Station.

The castle was once the residence of the Maeda family, lords of the Toyama Domain, and is now maintained as a part of Toyama Castle Park and enjoyed by many people, including locals. During the winter season, Toyama Castle stands amidst the falling snow, giving it a solemn atmosphere and offering a unique winter scene. In addition, the area around Toyama Castle is lit up at night during the winter, and the light reflects off the snow, creating an even more fantastical scene.

Toyama Castle is also a local museum where visitors can learn about Toyama's history and culture through exhibits and videos. From the observatory on the top floor, you can enjoy a panoramic view of Toyama Castle and the surrounding area. Enjoy the contrast of Toyama Castle and snow!



Enjoy Snow Sports at IOX- AROSA!-1

Enjoy Snow Sports at IOX- AROSA!

IOX-AROSA, located in Nanto City, is a ski resort recommended for both beginner and advanced skiers. The view from the ski slopes overlooks the Tonami Plain and Gokayama. On clear days, the Tateyama Mountain Range can be seen further in the distance. Enjoy exhilarating snow activities here! There’s also a hot spring that day-trippers can use, about a 15-minute drive away.

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