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Enjoy Toyama by Taking a Sightseeing Train!

You can find many trains in Toyama, earning it the nickname "railroad kingdom.” Some of the railroads are used by locals on a daily basis, while others are used by tourists to get around Toyama efficiently or as a part of their cultural experience of the area. Each train offers a different experience of Toyama's spectacular scenery and local culture, so be sure to try out various trains when you visit Toyama!

“Belles Montagnes et Mer" Offers a View of Toyama Bay and the Tateyama Mountain Range from the Train Window

“Belles Montagnes et Mer" or "Belmonta" for short, is a sightseeing train that starts from Takaoka and runs along the Johana and Himi Lines on both the mountain and ocean sides, allowing passengers to enjoy a train ride while viewing the seasonal scenery and snippets of Toyama’s culture from the train windows.

Belmonta operates mainly on weekends, and all its seats are reserved seats. It was temporarily out of service due to the Noto Peninsula earthquake but is now back in operation!

The seats inside the train and windows designed like picture frames give the train a luxurious feel, and you can experience Toyama’s traditional culture through the Inami wood carvings displayed, and the leather hanging straps with designs of famous things from the four cities along the train line.

Once the train starts running, you can enjoy various Toyama landscapes.
The rural scenery of the Scattered Village and the spectacular scenery of Toyama Bay with the Tateyama Mountain Range in the backdrop are wonders to behold. The train window offers amazing views that you can only find in Toyama.

Volunteer guides will tell you about the attractions and sightseeing spots along the route, and the train is filled with laughter and fun from start to finish. You can definitely feel the warmth of the people of Toyama Prefecture as they wave to you at each station and along the route.

When you board the Belmonta, you will receive a commemorative train ticket. It’s a great way to keep the memories of your trip.

On the Belmonta, you can not only enjoy the scenery but also taste Toyama's specialties. Sushi chefs are on board, and you can enjoy freshly made Toyama Bay sushi, Toyama Bay rice bowls, and other seasonal seafood, as well as locally brewed sake. Reservations are required for meals.

Please be sure to try the exquisite food that’s unique to Toyama while you enjoy the spectacular view from the train window.

How to Reserve Tickets

All seats on the Belmonta are reserved seats, and a reserved seat ticket is required in addition to the train ticket. There are four ways to make reservations.
1. Ticket counters at major JR stations nationwide
2. Automatic ticket vending machines
3. The online reservation website, e5489
*Tickets can only be claimed at a limited number of stations in Toyama Prefecture: Toyama, Shin-Takaoka, Tonami, Etchu-Yatsuo, Kurobe-Unazukionsen, Hayahoshi, and Himi.
Link: https://e5489.jr-odekake.net/e5489/cspc/CBTopMenuPC 
4. Travel agencies 

How to Make Reservations for Meals

Available at "Visit Toyama Prefecture" until 5:00 pm 3 days before the boarding date, by advance reservation only.

The sightseeing train "Belmonta" is a fun way to travel around Toyama Prefecture, and the journey is so enjoyable that it will pass by in the blink of an eye.


Crossing Toyama Prefecture: The "Story of 13,000 Feet" Sightseeing Train-1

Crossing Toyama Prefecture: The "Story of 13,000 Feet" Sightseeing Train

This sightseeing train departs from and arrives at Toyama Station and travels across the Toyama Plain. There are two routes: the first route takes you around the eastern part of Toyama Prefecture and turns around at Tomari Station, while the second route turns around at Kurobe Station and travels to Takaoka Station first before turning back again to end the trip at Toyama Station. Inside the train, passengers can choose from box seats, counter seats, and other seating options to suit their individual needs.

A Tram Featuring Everyone's Favorite Character!

The Doraemon Tram is now in operation on the Manyo Line, a tram line connecting Takaoka City and Imizu City. The Doraemon Tram began operation to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the birth of Doraemon, a character from the well-known work of the same name by Fujiko F. Fujio, a cartoonist born in Takaoka City. The streetcar is loved and used by many people every day, including locals, tourists, and Doraemon fans.

The doors of the tram are designed as Anywhere Doors, and when you get on, you’ll find yourself in the world of Doraemon, with the famous secret tools and characters from the manga series painted here and there on the hanging straps, walls, and other surfaces. The interior of the train is fun for passengers of all ages. On the ceiling, you can see a character from Doraemon flying with a "Take-Copter!" Doraemon's secret tools are located throughout the tram, so see how many you can find.

There’s a life-sized depiction of Doraemon on the tram’s inner wall, and you can even compare your height with Doraemon. Are you taller or shorter than him? Please compare your height with Doraemon’s and see how much difference there is between your heights. In addition to the Doraemon Tram, there are many other spots in Takaoka that Doraemon fans will enjoy.

There are many attractions such as Doraemon's Walkway, with monumental statues of Doraemon, and "Doraemon's Vacant Lot (Otogi no Mori Park)" where familiar scenes from the cartoon are reproduced. Be sure to take the Manyo Line Doraemon Tram for a wonderful trip!

Photo courtesy of Fujiko-Pro

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