Enjoy the Beautiful Scenery of Toyama at a Gallery That Runs Along the Coast ~Tour Toyama on Different Modes of Transportation -Belle Montagnes et Mer Edition-~-1

Enjoy the Beautiful Scenery of Toyama at a Gallery That Runs Along the Coast ~Tour Toyama on Different Modes of Transportation -Belle Montagnes et Mer Edition-~

The sightseeing train "Belle Montagnes et Mer'' operates on the Himi Line and the Johana Line. It means "beautiful mountains and sea" in French and is nicknamed "Belmonta."

In this article, we will introduce the charms of Belmonta, which runs on the Himi Line that connects Takaoka City and Himi City, and the spots along the train line that you'll definitely want to visit.

A Dynamic and Picturesque View from the Train Windows

When you step into the classy moss-green train, you'll notice that the interior is decorated with Inami carvings, traditional crafts from towns along the train line, and hanging leather straps inspired by Takaoka copperware, making it feel like visiting a gallery. From the train windows designed to look like picture frames, you can enjoy a spectacular view of the sea that looks like a painting. In particular, the scenery along the Amaharashi Coast, which is full of strangely shaped rocks, is a rare sight not only in Japan but also in the world. On a clear day, you can see the 3,000m-high Tateyama Mountain Range serving as the backdrop to Toyama Bay.


Enjoy the Scenery and Blessings of Toyama Bay All at Once

The onboard service at Belmonta is also a fun experience. They have sushi chefs, and you can have sushi made on the spot. They use freshly caught seafood from Toyama Bay, so you can enjoy seafood caught in Toyama Bay while viewing Toyama Bay from inside the train – a rare experience that you can only have at Belmonta. We also recommend trying and comparing different local sake from Toyama. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the spectacular views and sushi on this sightseeing train.

A Roadside Station Where You Can Enjoy a Spectacular View of the Amaharashi Coast

Here are some spots to stop by along the Belmonta route. Amaharashi Roadside Station, located near Amaharashi Station, is a roadside station that boasts a panoramic view of Toyama Bay. There are open-air observation decks on the second and third floors where you can enjoy the ever-changing scenery while feeling the sea breeze. The view of the train tracks on which Belmonta runs also adds to the travel experience. Capture the moment the train passes by with the sea in the background.

Cafe ISOMI TERRACE, located on the second floor of the roadside station, offers a wide variety of original menu items, including meals made with local ingredients, popular sundaes and other sweets, and drinks inspired by the Amaharashi Coast. You can spend a relaxing time looking out at the sea from the large glass windows. The cafe also features a shop offering a wide selection of souvenirs such as sweets, food products, traditional crafts, and craft sundries. As many of the items are small and easy to carry, the shop is also recommended for choosing souvenirs for yourself.

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