In Search of Toyama's Best, Most Delicious Seafood? Head to the Fishing Port!-1

In Search of Toyama's Best, Most Delicious Seafood? Head to the Fishing Port!

Toyama Bay, known as a “natural fish tank,” is a treasure trove of seafood, home to over 500 of the approximately 800 species that live in the Sea of Japan. The prefecture's fishing ports bustle with activity as a variety of seafood is landed every morning. The best place to enjoy freshly caught fish at reasonable prices is at a restaurant near the fishing ports. Below are some restaurants where you can enjoy the freshest of Toyama's bounties of the sea.

Go on a Seafood Tour of Toyama

Enjoy the fresh and delicious fish caught in the morning!

There are many port towns in Toyama Prefecture that have long been active in the fishing industry. The four restaurants introduced here are located near the fishing ports of Shinminato, Himi, Mizuhashi, and Uozu, which boast some of the largest catches in the prefecture. All the restaurants use fish caught that morning at the fishing port right in front of them, so the freshness and taste are unparalleled, and each is loved by the locals.

For those who want to experience the lively atmosphere of a fishing port, “Kitokito Shokudo” and “Himi Uoichiba Shokudo,” which open from early in the morning to coincide with the fishing ports, are recommended. At Himi Uoichiba Shokudo, you can also watch the morning auction held right in front of the restaurant.

Furthermore, if you read the local "Fish Encyclopedia'' from the Mizuhashi area at "Mizuhashi Shokudo Gyofu,” you will understand why Toyama's fish is delicious. For those who want to experience Toyama's food culture, head to "UOZUMARU,” which places great importance on interacting with its customers. They will kindly explain the ingredients in detail, so if there is any fish you are interested in, feel free to ask about it.

Autumn and winter are the seasons when fish become firmer, fattier, and more delicious. Toyama's signature seafood such as crab and yellowtail are also in season. Why not plan a seafood tour of Toyama to search for the most delicious fish?


Himi Uoichiba Shokudo

 A Famous Rice Bowl Filled with a Hearty Serving of Himi’s Fish

A popular restaurant on the second floor of Himi Fishing Port run by the long-established wholesaler of fresh fish, "Tsuriya Uodonya” (Tsuriya Fish Wholesaler). Because only fish caught in Himi that are auctioned off in the morning at the market right in front of the restaurant are used, the high level of freshness is guaranteed. The restaurant is crowded from the time it opens at 6:30 am, with people coming for the famous seafood rice bowl. Enjoy the delicious taste of fish with a bowl of rice and the fisherman's soup that comes with the set meal.

Kitokito Shokudo

A restaurant run by a long-established fresh fish store that has been in business for 85 years.

A fishing port restaurant that opens at 5:30 am and is crowded with local fishermen and tourists from early in the morning. The fish purchased by the connoisseurs of the locally popular “Tsuchiya Fresh Fish Store” is both fresh and tasty. Enjoy the atmosphere of the fishing port while having your fill of Toyama's delicacies!

Mizuhashi Shokudo Gyofu

Try a Variety of Tasty Fish

This seafood diner was established in 2021 by local fishermen next to the Mizuhashi Fishing Port with the hope that local people will enjoy locally caught fish. The menu, created by fishermen and chefs, not only tastes great but is visually pleasing as well. Among them, the "Six Types of Seafood Mizuhashi Small Rice Bowl'' (2,090 yen), in which you can choose six of your favorite seafood from ten types, including crab and glass shrimp, is quite popular. In winter, we also recommend the Small Yellowtail Rice Bowl.

The creator is Shinnosuke from the Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology, where he’s also known as "Toyama Fish-kun," due to his love for Toyama's waters. The encyclopedia about Toyama Bay and Toyama's fish is written in an easy-to-understand manner, even for first-time visitors, and it allows visitors to have a deeper culinary experience and to learn about Toyama in depth, rather than simply ending their visit with "It was delicious.”

The photo is from the illustrated summer edition. It introduces seasonal fish, so you can enjoy them no matter how many times you visit.



 Enjoy the blessings of Toyama Bay while looking out at the sea

A stylish port town restaurant produced by the Uozu Fisheries Cooperative, located in a renovated fisheries cooperative warehouse. Enjoy dishes that make use of the quality of the ingredients, such as Uozu's famous "Bai Meshi Set Meal" (1,000 yen), which is based on the concept of "Uozu dining in your daily life.'' The staff's bright and friendly customer service is also popular.

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