Rent a Bicycle, and Let's Ride Along the Toyama Bay Cycling Course!-1

Rent a Bicycle, and Let's Ride Along the Toyama Bay Cycling Course!

Toyama Bay, a member of the World's Most Beautiful Bays Club, offers views of the 3,000-meter-high Tateyama Mountain Range when the weather is clear.

Toyama, where Toyama Bay is located, has a well-developed cycling route. There are two cycling routes in Toyama: the Toyama Bay Cycling Route, which allows cyclists to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Toyama Bay, and the Countryside Cycling Route, which offers experiences of Toyama's history and culture. This time, let's ride together along part of the Toyama Bay Cycling Route (through Uozu City and Toyama City), also designated as a national cycling route!

Ocean Rest Stop "Mirage"


Located next to the Port of Uozu, Ocean Rest Stop "Mirage" differs from other roadside stations often seen in Japan. Here, seasonal seafood can be purchased yearlong, and there are also shops selling specialties, plus a restaurant. It is also one of Uozu City's most important tourist attractions. What’s more, this functions as a rental station where you can easily rent a bike and explore Uozu City! The rental fee is inexpensive, so you can easily take advantage of it. You can return the bicycles to shops other than the one you rented from (additional charges apply). So, let's go!

Shinkiro (Mirage) Road

Once you leave the Ocean Rest Stop "Mirage," drive along the four-kilometer coastal road from Kyoden Fishing Port to Mirage Land. Late March to early June is said to be the mirage season, when, if you are lucky, you can see the mysterious mirage phenomenon. Designated mirage observation points will point you to where the mirages are easy to view. The cycling path is beautifully maintained, easy to ride, and comfortable, and in front of you is the beautiful sight of the vast expanse of sea and horizon with a pleasant breeze blowing through. This route is also registered as one of Japan's Scenic Routes by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.

About fourteen kilometers from Shinkiro (Mirage) Road, you'll see Hamakurosaki Beach come into view. 

Hamakurosaki Beach

 In addition to the bike path, a four-kilometer stretch of the famous black pine tree-lined road can be seen nearby, where cyclists can enjoy a different view from the previous blues of the beautiful sea scenery.

The sunlight filtering through the pine trees above is so pleasant you'll feel you could ride forever. In summer, Hamakurosaki Beach is popular for swimming and features a campsite facing the sea, so you can enjoy camping and cycling while admiring the beautiful scenery around you!

Mizuhashi Shokudo Gyofu

The turnaround point! After tons of cycling, it's time to eat, and this is where we had lunch! The building with the large squid pattern is none other than Mizuhashi Shokudo Gyofu, a new restaurant that opened in 2021. We found the thick "shimenawa" rope hanging at the entrance charming, the restaurant bright and clean, and the staff inviting.

 Talk about hungry! I had their famous kaisen-don (seafood bowl), which was full of fresh seafood — just like the pictures on the menu. To top it off, the restaurant recommended putting condiments on top of the remaining rice, pouring in the "fisherman's golden dashi" (soup stock), and eating it like "ochazuke" (rice with green tea in it). It's like a taste of relief, and it's the perfect energy-boost after a long day.

Lastly, here are some spots around Ocean Rest Stop "Mirage."

Be sure to visit the "Fresh Waters of Ikuji," a town known for its abundance of delicious water. The Kurobe City Ikuji area is sourced from melted snow from the 3,000-meter-high Northern Japanese Alps, and here, you'll find twenty springs collectively known as Shimizu no Sato or the "Village of Fresh Water." Despite the heat of the summer, the water remains cool, and many people held plastic bottles to fill with water.

You could say Toyama's food is so delicious precisely because of those delicious springs.

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