Canyoning Experience in Japan’s Breathtaking V-shaped Valley ~Kurobe Gorge Canyoning Tour~ *Comming soon. 日本の未知なる清流を求めて 黒部峡谷キャニオニングツアー

Crystal Clear Stream of Water If you want to experience authentic canyoning in Japan, Kurobe Gorge is the Answer.

The Kurobe Gorge is designated as a nation’s special scenic beauty and natural monument, and is a famous
valley in Japan that is listed as one of Japan's three greatest valleys and one of Japan's top 100 unexplored
We are planning a canyoning + hot spring tour that allows visitors to experience a typical Japanese-style
hot spring of the Hokuriku region by developing a new route that goes deeper into the valley than the usual
canyoning course.
The course is set for a day trip from Tokyo.
If you stay overnight at Unazuki Onsen hot spring, you can also enjoy a ride/journey on trolley train.

~Kurobe Gorge Canyoning Tour~
*Comming soon.
The newly developed course at the back of the traditional course of the clear water Kurobe River tributaries is a fascinating course that will allow experienced canyoners to fully enjoy canyoning in Japan.At the end of the day, you can dip into a Japanese style hot spring at Tochinoyu, which has an open-air bath.

7:52 Tokyo Station The course is set for a day trip from Tokyo. Take Shinkansen train from JR Tokyo station, it takes approximately 150 minutes to reach JR Kurobe Unazuki Onsen Station.

10:25 Kurobe Unazuki Onsen Station (or Hotels in Unazuki Onsen) You will be picked up either at Kurobe Unazuki Onsen Station or at your hotel in the Unazuki Onsen area

10:50 Unazuki Snow Park Nakajima Ski Center(J-Wet Adventures office)Reception, gear size adjustment, change of clothes. Upon wet suit and shoes size adjustment, change of clothes, will move to Yatazodani Iriguchi by private car.

11:20 Yatazodani Iriguchi Through the tunnel on the old train truck, will walk for a while into the mountain stream. Wearing all gears, start canyoning.

Yatazodani Riverbed (starting point) Will walk on the existing course half way through. Will walk down the slope using ropes in some places.

In this course, you will go further deep into the exciting course. The beauty of the valley and the beauty of the crystal clear water surface of the emerald green are fascinating. Experiencing slippery riverbed that slides like a waterslide is the real pleasure of Canyoning. There are places where the waterslide length is about 30m. You can also experience the thrill of jumping into the river which requires all your courage. Route of the new course * Round trip from point A to point D.

Lunch Bento box Lunch Bento box is included.

16:50 Yatazodani Iriguchi (entrance) End of the canyoning. Will move to Tochinoyu hotspring by private car.

17:00 Tochinoyu Will take hot spring and change clothes at Tochinoyu. You can refresh yourself by dipping into hot spring. From the open-air bath, you can see the mountains of the Northern Alps, Lake Unazuki, and the trolley train.

18:20/18:45 Hotel in the Unazuki Onsen area or Kurobe Unazuki Onsen Station

21:16 Tokyo Station


Kurobe / Unazuki
Bookable Experiences Attractions Nature & Outdoors


Address 939-8206 富山県富山市布瀬町2-1-10
Telephone Number 090-1637-6280
Getting There Approximately 150 minutes from JR Tokyo Station to Kurobe Unazuki Onsen station by Hokuriku Shinkansen.

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