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Best Cherry Blossom Spots in Toyama

Discover the best places to capture beautiful spring blossoms in Toyama, along with tips on how to take unforgettable shots.
* This article was adapted from work by a local reporter living in Toyama Prefecture.

When are Toyama’s cherry blossoms in full bloom?

The start of cherry blossom season varies slightly from year to year, but the buds will typically begin opening around late March or at the beginning of April. Peak season is generally between early to mid- April. For bloom forecasts and other information, check the Toyama Prefecture Cherry Blossom Information website.

Matsukawa River, Toyama City

The bank of the Matsukawa River is a classic spot to see cherry blossoms in Toyama City. The river runs through the center of Toyama City, with rows of cherry trees stretching along its banks for about 2.5 km. Enjoy the blossoms on a walk along the riverside or on one of the sightseeing boats which cruise along the river beneath canopies of pink blooms.

The many bridges that stretch across the river are ideal for photographing the cherry blossoms. For a uniquely “Toyama” photo, try to capture a sightseeing boat cruising along the river while one of the city trams crosses in the distance.

Head to Toyama Castle a little after the blossoms are at full bloom to see fallen petals floating in the castle’s southside moat. Try shooting this magical scene in the early morning or evening. Using long exposure, you can capture the movement of the petals on the surface of the water.

Funakawa River, Asahi Town

Head to Asahi to see a colorful combination of blooms beside the Funakawa River. If your timing is right, you may even catch the “Spring Quartet”—early-blooming red tulips, yellow canola flowers (or nanohana), and pale pink cherry blossoms against a backdrop of snow-dusted peaks.

Even if you can't see the full quartet of colors, the beautiful scenes of cherry blossoms, tulips, and the North Japan Alps are well worth a trip. Walk along the riverside to see the cherry blossoms in bloom against the fresh green of the grassy banks.

Mukaino no Sakura, Nanto City

On the banks of the Yamada River in Nanto City, there is a large cherry tree known as the Mukaino no Sakura. The tree is an ancient Edozakura variety that blooms with a beautiful form and presence, and it is illuminated at night.

In addition to taking photos of the whole tree in bloom, try some close-up shots with a telephoto lens to focus on the impressive and sculptural form of the branches.

Iwasakinohana Lighthouse, Takaoka City

This is a lesser-known cherry blossom spot but offers the opportunity to take beautiful photos. The contrast between the white of the lighthouse and the soft pink cherry blossoms is beautiful. The lighthouse stands on a hill to the north of Fushiki-Toyama Port, surrounded by cherry trees. The Tateyama mountains in the distance add to the scene.
The access road to the lighthouse is narrow, so if coming by car, it is best to find a parking lot along the coast and walk. Iwasakinohana Lighthouse is close to the Amaharashi Coast, another popular scenic spot.

See this video for more beautiful pictures of Toyama’s cherry blossoms.

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