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Himi Seaside Botanical Garden—A Family-Friendly Playground

With indoor and outdoor play areas and a spectacular view of the Sea of Japan from the nearby beach, Himi Seaside Botanical Garden offers many more attractions than just plants. Here are some highlights for those who may be traveling with kids.

* This article was adapted from work by a local reporter living in Toyama Prefecture.

Wooden Toy Playspace

Right at the entrance of the botanical garden, you’ll find heaps of playing blocks shaped like yellowtail, an iconic fish found in Toyama Bay, as well as the Wooden Ball Beach, a tub filled with wooden balls that children can frolic in for a special sensory experience. 

There’s also the Mori no Korokoro Chorus, a xylophone-like play item that’s popular with kids, and another room with more wooden toys, for children as young as preschool age.

Other highlights of the different play areas include wooden horses that children can ride and a wooden train called the Himi Rail, which moves forward on a looped track with the press of a pedal.

Bouldering Wall and Netted Playground

You may be surprised to discover that this botanical garden has a bouldering wall and a netted playground that extends 100 meters. The space is designed so that kids can view plants while playing. Smaller children may be nervous at first, but they’ll soon get the hang of things and have a ball.

Outdoor Playspace

Adding to the list of delightful surprises is a trampoline outside the botanical garden building. With a roof overhead, children can play on the trampoline even in the rain or snow. 

There is also a rope swing on a short zipline, a slide, and a sandbox in the same area. While the kids are playing, you can take a stroll around the playground and admire the plants.

Matsudae Beach

Situated right across from the botanical garden is Matsudae Beach. From here, you can see the majestic Tateyama Mountain Range across the water. In addition to the crabs and other critters you might spot on the sandy beach, you may also find the beach rose, a seaside plant with red berries.

Once the kids are through with the botanical garden’s toys and play areas, take some time to relax with a beach picnic. You can get takeout from Soratoki, a cafe on the third floor of the botanical garden building that serves curry, noodles, and other dishes.

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