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Cafes and Restaurants with Great Flavors and Appearances That Look Great in Photos

In Toyama Prefecture, there are various types of food, restaurants, and cafes.
We’ll introduce photo-worthy restaurants and cafes in Toyama.

-isago-: A Shop with Home Cooking and Handmade Sweets

"-isago-" is an old private house cafe "sa-isago-" in Yokata, Toyama City.

It's a cafe that has an atmospheric appearance with wooden lattices and “noren” curtains. The store has a calm atmosphere, and in some places, you can feel the atmosphere unique to old folk houses. It's perfect for girls' trips, couples, and families.
This cafe offers a variety of items, including whimsical lunches with a nutritional balance in mind, colorful parfaits, and sweets. The first thing to try here is the parfait. Many customers come just for this, and they feel excited the moment they receive it because it looks so beautiful.

You can enjoy a variety of textures and flavors, such as brown sugar, chocolate, matcha and hojicha ice cream, shiratama (ice‐flour dumplings) and meringue. The balance of sweetness and bitterness is exquisite, and you’ll wind up wanting more.

The palate cleansing beans served with the parfait are salty and the taste is addictive!

Would you like to go and enjoy home-cooked food with a gentle flavor and sweets that look gorgeous and taste exceptional?

IMONO KITCHEN: Utensils and Presentation Are Part of the Food

At Nousaku, located in Takaoka, a town where manufacturing is thriving, they manufacture castings, and there is a cafe attached to the building where you can enjoy meals served in the dishes made there. They offer dishes using ingredients produced in Toyama, and the utensils from  Nousaku make your food look even better.

First, you’ll be surprised by the water that has been poured into a tin cup. Tin has good thermal conductivity, so you can feel the coolness of the water flowing from the cup to your hands. Also, tin vessels have long been believed to make water mellow.

In the “Various Bagel Set,” a recommendation which uses rice flour from Toyama, all the bagels, with their chewy texture and four different flavor bagels, are delicious. All the salad plates and dressing containers are made by Nousaku, and food tastes even better when eaten on sophisticated tableware.

“Nosaku! Apple Pie,” which is sold in limited quantities, is a sophisticated sweet with apples wrapped in a pie inspired by "KAGO," which is used as a bagel container. When you open the crispy pie, you’ll find a whole apple.

There are also many other carefully selected meals and sweets served in Nousaku utensils. Nousaku products are sold next to the cafe, so it's also a good idea to buy your favorite dishes and take them as souvenirs. It will definitely brighten up your dining table.

Tankado: Healthy Meals Provided by Medicine Shops

Tankado, located in front of Toyama Station, is a restaurant and cafe run by a pharmaceutical company in Toyama. Chinese herbal medicines and other medicines are sold on the first floor, and a restaurant is on the second floor. At the restaurant, they offer a variety of items, from healthy lunches to sweets such as parfaits.

The healthy plate with multi-grain rice balls consists of many small bowls arranged in bright colors on one plate. You can eat lots of vegetables, and it's also full of nutrition! One of its benefits is being able to eat a variety of different foods in one meal.

Please enjoy a healthy one-plate lunch packed with rice balls made with mixed grain rice and plenty of vegetables!


Craftan, a Restaurant with the Gentle Taste of Kelp

During the Edo period, "Kitamaebune" sailed from Hokkaido to the Sea of Japan coast and from the Seto Inland Sea to Osaka, and carried various products and crops from each port. Kelp brought from Hokkaido is now available to eat in Toyama, and a unique kelp cuisine and food culture has taken root.

The food culture of kelp dishes in Toyama has become very popular, and it has the highest consumption of kelp in the country!

In Toyama, there are many specialty products that use kelp in a wide range of soup stock and dishes, and there is a large variety of kelp dishes and processed products, such as kelp rolls, kobujime (fish sandwiched between sheets of kelp), grated yam, and kelp kamaboko (fish cakes).
A restaurant specializing in kobujime, which is a famous local dish of Toyama, is "Craftan," located in Takaoka City. Craftan is located on a very quaint street with what’s known as a "dozo-zukuri” townscape. The inside of the store is also lovely with an interesting concept, such as counters and plates with kelp patterns throughout the store.


Generally, kobujime is often made with fish, but here you can also enjoy vegetable and meat kobujime. Dishes made with seasonal vegetables, meat, and fish seasoned with kelp enhance the aroma of the kelp and the natural flavor of the ingredients, and the more you chew, the more flavor comes out, allowing you to enjoy a deeper flavor.

Would you like to try kobujime, which has a gentle and deep flavor? Please try the different varieties such as fish, vegetables, and meat to find your favorite.


When traveling in Toyama, be sure to make your trip even more wonderful by enjoying delicious food and food that looks great in photos!

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