Rent a Bicycle and Go Cycling Along the Scenic Coastline of Toyama Bay (Himi City to Takaoka City, Toyama Prefecture)-1

Rent a Bicycle and Go Cycling Along the Scenic Coastline of Toyama Bay (Himi City to Takaoka City, Toyama Prefecture)

Toyama Bay joined the "World's Most Beautiful Bays Club" in 2014. When the weather is good, you can see the 3,000-meter-high Tateyama Mountain Range, a beautiful scenery that impresses many tourists. The road along Toyama Bay (extending about 102 km from the border of Ishikawa Prefecture to the border of Niigata Prefecture) has been set up as the "Toyama Bay Cycling Route'' so that visitors can enjoy cycling while admiring the wonderful scenery. This article introduces a tour where you rent a bicycle at "Himi City Fisheries Cultural Exchange Center" and takes you to the "Amaharashi Roadside Station" and back again.

Rent a Bicycle at the “Himi City Fisheries Cultural Exchange Center”

There is a cycle station at the "Himi City Fisheries Cultural Exchange Center'' near Himi Fishing Port. Here, you can rent bicycles with full-fledged road racer specifications, and they have electric bicycles, too. It’s a good starting point for cycling in Himi City and along the Toyama Bay coastline.

Except for December to mid-March, bicycle rental is available for the rest of the year. You can rent a bicycle for 500 yen (ID required).

*Please note that you cannot rent a bicycle outside of business hours. Also, only a limited number of bicycles is available.


Before Cycling, Learn About Set Net Fishing, Which Originated in Himi-1

Before Cycling, Learn About Set Net Fishing, Which Originated in Himi

Himi is the birthplace of Etchu-style set net fishing, a fishing method that has now been introduced overseas. Providing escape routes for fish in the nets, it has recently gained a reputation as a sustainable fishing method that protects the marine ecosystem.

The Himi City Fisheries Cultural Exchange Center is an interactive facility themed around Himi's fish and fishing industry. There is an Etchu-style set net model on display to help you learn how it works, as well as a "Tenmasen,'' a wooden Japanese-style boat created by one of only a few people in Japan who succeeded this Himi boat making craft. Also, visitors can experience an impactful video on fishing in the large-screen VR theater. This location is also used as a boarding point for cruises setting off from Himi.

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From the Himi Fishing Port to the Toyama Bay Cycling Route

Rent a bicycle and pedal to the Toyama Bay Cycling Route, which passes right by Himi Fishing Port. The cycling route is marked by blue lines. The sound of the waves and the breeze along the seaside road are soothing, and cycling here will refresh you.

If you rent an electric bicycle, you can climb up hills with ease. Please take your time and cycle at your own pace. Feel free to stop along the way to take pictures and admire the scenery.

Be Healed by Rare Plants at Himi Seaside Park

As you cycle along the coastal route toward Takaoka, you will see a building with a distinctive shape. Himi Seaside Park is a facility where visitors of all ages can play and learn. In the greenhouse, you can see foreign trees and flowers of unusual shapes blooming, creating an interesting and mysterious world of plants that you don't see in everyday life. The Glass Tube zone exhibits climbing and potted plants, and the beautiful greenery and flowers will soothe you. In addition, there are plenty of play areas for children, including a fluffy dome, a large net playground equipment, and wooden toys.


A Blissful Lunch Time at Seaside Cafe Soratoki

Located on the fourth floor of Himi Seaside Park, Seaside Cafe Soratoki is a cafe offering a great view through its large windows. This popular restaurant has a good reputation for its meals and sweets made with ingredients from Toyama Prefecture, and many people visit the facility just for the cafe. Recommended items for lunch are the "Galette Lunch,” which is filled with chicken thigh and seasonal vegetables, and the “Pasta Lunch,” which is made with Himi beef tendon. Both sets come with a salad, soup, and a drink. Eat up to have some energy for the afternoon.


Take a Break at Amaharashi Roadside Station

The Amaharashi Roadside Station is the last stop before this guide takes you back the way you came. The white building shaped like a ship stands out in the seaside landscape. There is a bicycle station here, making it a great spot for cyclists to take a break. In addition to bike racks, you can borrow bike pumps and repair tools here. Bicycle stations are continuously being built along the Toyama Bay Cycling Route to allow for comfortable cycling.

*Please check the official website for business hours.


Enjoy the Spectacular View Representative of Toyama from the Amaharashi Coast

If you walk across the railroad tracks in front of Amaharashi Roadside Station, you can go down to the Amaharashi Coast Quasi-National Park. The beach stretching from the Amaharashi Coast to Matsudae-no-Nagahama in Himi City has been selected as one of the “100 Best White-sand and Green-pine Beaches in Japan” and one of the “100 Best Beaches in Japan.” The rock with a torii gate on the seashore is called "Yoshitsune Rock," and is said to be the place where Minamoto no Yoshitsune took shelter from the rain, hence the name Amaharashi ("rain clearing"). A scenic spot representative of Toyama, here one can see the seasonal scenery of the "Onna-iwa'' rock floating in the sea, the Tateyama Mountain Range, and Toyama Bay.


Cool Desserts at a Special Spot Overlooking the Ocean

Does the salty sea breeze make you crave something sweet? At the cafe at Amaharashi Roadside Station, the counter seats face the sea, and you can enjoy sweets originating from Amaharashi. The "Amaharashi Sundae Blue Hawaii (Amaharashi Coast Version)" is a refreshing sundae made with sweet and sour berries and clear jelly, while the "Saratoga Cooler (Amaharashi Coast Version)" is a refreshing drink made with blue tapioca and ginger ale. Meanwhile, you can see Toyama Bay, which seems to change every moment, in front of you. Try to etch this quiet and beautiful scenery in your memory as it’s a view that you will want to keep looking at.

Opening hours: 9:00 am – 7:00 pm every day


The Sound of Takaoka Copperware Echoes on the Observation Deck Next to the Cafe-1

The Sound of Takaoka Copperware Echoes on the Observation Deck Next to the Cafe

On the observation deck next to the cafe, there is an Orin (Buddhist bell) made by Yamaguchi Kyujo, a casting manufacturer with a history of over 100 years in Takaoka. Takaoka has been a casting town for over 400 years, and craftsmen have created products through division of labor, including casting, engraving, and coloring. The process has not changed to this day, and each casting is completed by artisans.

The Orin at the observation deck next to the cafe at Amaharashi Roadside Station was also created by many craftsmen. Its bronze color stands out against the scenery, and when struck, it emits a clear tone. There is a stand where you can place your cell phone, so you can set a timer and take a commemorative photo.

Retro and Cute Vermilion Carriages on the Himi Line

The vermilion carriages of the Himi Line stand out against the blue sky. The Himi Line, which runs leisurely along the sea with a rattling sound, is one of the representative sights of Amaharashi. It's amazing that a train runs so close to the sea. The observation decks on the second and third floors of Amaharashi Roadside Station offer the best vantage points. You may want to visit again, maybe next time by riding the Himi Line train itself.

Feel the Local Way of Life Near Amaharashi Station

About 2 minutes by bicycle from Amaharashi Roadside Station, you’ll find the retro-looking Amaharashi Station. The station is surrounded by a quiet residential area, and as you watch the students getting on and off the train, you’ll realize that the local railway supports the everyday lives of the locals. While waiting for a train at the crossing, you might be surprised as the vermilion train arrives looking as if it’s running across the sea. You can get even closer to the sea through the bicycle and pedestrian paths.

Towards the End of Your Journey, Cross the "Himi Noe Ohashi Bridge"

As your journey nears its end, you might want to extend your time with your bicycle by just a little longer. If so, feel free to head back to the "Himi City Fisheries Cultural Exchange Center" at a leisurely pace, making stops along the way. Once you arrive, you may want to cross the "Himi Noe Ohashi Bridge" in the opposite direction from the Amaharashi Coast. This cable-stayed bridge is designed in the motif of a fisherman pulling up a net, and it also serves as a symbol along the Himi coast.

How was your trip along the coast on a rental bicycle? It’s highly recommended to follow this guide and experience the beauty of Toyama Bay with all five senses!


Rent a Bicycle and Explore Himi Onsen Village!-1

Rent a Bicycle and Explore Himi Onsen Village!

The Himi City Fisheries Cultural Exchange Center sells tickets that include bicycle rental and daytime hot spring bathing fees. After touring the city by bicycle, take a refreshing break and relax at Himi Onsen Village. Most of the hot springs are sodium-chloride springs, which are effective for treating cuts, burns, chronic skin diseases, and chronic women's diseases. Tickets are available for 800 yen. You can use any of the hot spring facilities open to day-trippers and save at least 200 yen.

*Facilities you can use include “Himi Banya Onsen,” “Himinohana,” “Ikemori,” “Misaki,” and the “Shio-no-Ka-tei rock bath at the Umi-Akari Annex.” Bathing hours are 10:00 am – 3:00 pm.

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Toyama Bay Cycling Route PR Video is Now Available!

A PR video introducing the attractions of the Toyama Bay Cycling Route and sightseeing spots along the route is now available! Please check it out.

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