soft-serve found in various parts of Toyama Prefecture-1

soft-serve found in various parts of Toyama Prefecture

We’ve compiled a list of unusual soft-serve found in various parts of Toyama Prefecture.
Let's get through the hot summer with Toyama’s unique ice cream!

“10-layer Kannon Soft-serve”

In the food court of “Manyo no Sato Takaoka Road Station,” you can eat ten layers of soft serve.

Here’s a cone next to the Awaji Kannon or World Peace Giant Kannon statue near the facilities. Can you believe it’s three times taller than regular soft serve?! It tastes of classic vanilla, and the rich scent of vanilla milk spreads in your mouth, but be careful — if you don't eat it quickly, it’ll melt! If you’ve mastered the art of eating soft serve without the mess, why not give this a try?

And for those of you who are thinking, “I can't eat all that at once…”

Don’t worry because they created a “share cone” system just for you! If you tell the store clerk, “Please give me a share cone,” you will get an additional cone with nothing on it for free. Then, place the cone on top of ten layers of soft serve and split it in the middle to make it for two people.

You can try tackling all ten layers by yourself or share it with friends!

Wave Park Namerikawa Rest Stop - Michi Cafe Wave

“Wave Park Namerikawa Rest Stop” is a roadside station in Namerikawa City.

On the second floor, there is a restaurant with a view of Toyama Bay, while the first floor features facilities such as a gift shop, a snack shop, and a tourist information center. Among all the shops, “Michi Cafe Wave” offers specialty food, mainly food that can be prepared quickly and eaten with one hand so that you can casually enjoy the specialties of Namerikawa.

For example, they offer fried firefly squid, white shrimp croquettes, cute soft serve ice cream in the shape of firefly squid, and mini parfaits made with cute spotted garden eel. Not only is it cute, but it tastes delicious! The saltiness of the biscuit and the sweetness of the ice cream are a perfect combination, and the sweet and salty taste will keep you coming back for more.

Since the facility is also built along the sea, it is recommended you take photos with the sea in the background! Please give it a try!

Matsukawa Chaya

Matsukawa Chaya, a Japanese-style building located on the grounds of Toyama Castle Park in Toyama City, serves sweets and light meals. In addition to the cafe, it is also the boarding point for the Matsukawa River Cruises.

 A popular item is the “Toyama Castle Matcha Parfait,” which is a parfait in the shape of Toyama Castle, the symbol of Toyama Prefecture. A castle-shaped treat is displayed on top of the parfait, and “matcha warabi mochi,” cream, red bean paste, matcha ice cream, rice flour dumplings, sponge cake, and more, are stacked on top of each other, allowing you to enjoy a variety of rich flavors and textures. These delicious and photogenic sweets are sure to get a lot of attention! Please enjoy.


When it comes to shaved ice, strawberry and lemon flavors are the norm, but this time, the roasted soybean flour and brown sugar syrup (with “warabi mochi”) caught my eye, so I tried it. The texture of the warabi mochi and the texture of the ice are both fresh and exquisite. It cools your body and is perfect for hot summer days. Due to bad weather on this day, we couldn't see any sightseeing boats in operation, but riding on a sightseeing boat that allows you to enjoy the view of the deep greenery and river seems like a pleasant experience.

Tonami Tulip Gallery

The “Tonami Tulip Gallery” is a facility where you can enjoy tulips all year round, even after spring has passed. Inside the museum, there is a tulip palace that is surrounded 360 degrees from top to bottom with a pallet garden that spreads out endlessly in a mirrored room, and you can enjoy tulips while being soothed by their scent. There is a wide range of products made with tulip designs in the gift shop as well, making them perfect as gifts or souvenirs for yourself.

The star item on the menu of the Gallery’s restaurant is “Tulip Soft,” a pale pink soft-serve ice cream. It has a faint floral aroma and a unique taste that you've most likely never tasted before. Even on a hot summer day, you can comfortably enjoy the soft-serve ice cream in the facility. Please enjoy the unique taste that you won’t find anywhere else!

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