Relax as the Waves Soothe Your Soul-1

Relax as the Waves Soothe Your Soul

Toyama Prefecture is known as a treasure trove of seafood and has beautiful seas. This article introduces three popular beaches in Toyama for those who wish to enjoy the prefecture’s seascapes.

Hisui Coast: Stretching as Far as the Eye Can See

The Hisui Coast (Jade Coast) is a beach that sparkles with pebbles in five colors, including blue, green, and cobalt. Among them, there are also rough blue-green jade stones. Try looking for them when you visit. The beach also gets its name from the presence of these jade stones.

You can enjoy swimming and fishing to the fullest in the emerald-green sea. In the evening, the beautiful beach is dyed by the setting sun, making it a popular spot for viewing the sunset, too.

The Asahi Hisui Coast Car Camping Ground, located along the Hisui Coast, offers campers the opportunity to enjoy camping near the endless blue ocean. One often thinks of camping as an activity done while surrounded by greenery, but at the Asahi Hisui Coast Car Camping Ground, you can spend a relaxing time watching the sea transform as time passes. At the campground, you can also enjoy BBQ, outdoor activities in the well-equipped facilities, swimming at the beach, and gazing at the ocean.

There are cabins, bungalows, and barbecue facilities for an out-of-the-ordinary and relaxing experience. The cabins are large enough to accommodate up to six people and are equipped with the essential amenities, including a kitchen, bath, and toilet. Bedding, however, is not provided, so please remember to bring your own. And whether you choose a cabin or a bungalow, you will also have a wooden deck with a view of the ocean.

For those who want an extraordinary experience, you can also enjoy camping by pitching your tent by your car! Cooking facilities and restrooms are also available, so you can camp at ease!
There are also "free spaces," so you can enjoy camping to your heart's content. Enjoy yourself under the sun!

Amaharashi Coast Quasi-National Park: Grab a Bite to Eat with Views of the Beach

The Amaharashi Beach has been selected as one of the 100 Best Beaches in Japan for its beautiful scenery, including rocky reefs, white sandy beaches, and trees dotting the coastline. It is known as one of the most beautiful spots in Toyama, with a view of the Tateyama Mountain Range across the open sea.

Plus, you can swim in the sparkling blue ocean here! In winter, the waves are high and the place is popular among surfers. The trains running along Toyama Bay are also not to be missed! The coastal scenery alone is beautiful, but when you add the bright red, vermilion or dark green trains, it becomes even more splendid and eye-catching. Enjoy the postcard-perfect scenery! Make sure to visit with your camera in hand.

After admiring the scenery, head to Roadside Station Amaharashi for a meal. This facility is a veritable one-stop store, with a tourist information center, souvenir shop, and cafe all in one place.

When you go inside, you are greeted by a cute paper owl. Numerous pamphlets are available, providing information about Toyama Prefecture. If you have any questions, the staff will be happy to help you, too. In addition, the facility's information desk is open 24 hours a day, so you can find the information you need even if you go there in the middle of the night!

Go up using the elevator and you’ll find the quaint store, Souvenir Shop ARISO. With beautiful photo books filled with photos taken in Toyama and glasses perfect for sake, you might have a hard time deciding which souvenir to buy. Don't forget to pick up some Toyama sweets as well!

Next is the long-awaited meal at Café ISOMI TERRACE. The menu is full of interesting items made with local ingredients. The slightly unique and surprisingly tasty burger is recommended! Try the burger made with fu (wheat gluten) or the burger made with trout from Imizu. The patties are crispy on the outside and come with fries and a drink, so you can sit down and enjoy the meal alongside the view.


Ikuji Coast: Try Your Luck and Look for Mirages

From the shore of the Ikuji Coast, you can see Toyama Bay and the Noto Peninsula. Ikuji is known as a town with a panoramic view of Toyama Bay, and the majestic mountains in the distance are spectacular too. In the evening, the big orange sun sets into the sea here. Ikuji Coast is beautiful during the daytime, but dusk is also a great time to visit! No matter what time of day you visit, you will be refreshed by the splendid scenery.

The area is also known for a natural phenomenon known as mirage, which is rare but occurs in the area! They’re so rare, in fact, that most will probably see only a handful in a lifetime. So, go hunt for a mirage from April to May or November to March, when mirages occur!

The 8-kilometer bayside road stretching from the Kyoden Fishing Port to Mirage Land called "Mirage Road” is known as the best spot to witness mirages.

On a clear day, the mountains of the Northern Alps also come into view, offering spectacular views of both the sea and the mountains. The Mirage Road is one of the best roads for driving, cycling, and jogging in Toyama Prefecture, and many tourist spots and other facilities are scattered along the coast. If you happen upon a mirage, it will surely be a memorable experience! Enjoy the beautiful scenery and take a nice stroll along the bay.

The town of Ikuji is also known for its delicious spring water, so why not try that as well when you visit?

Was there a beach that caught your eye? Please come and see Toyama Prefecture’s beautiful nature, including Toyama Bay, when you visit!

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