A Selection of Recommended Souvenirs from Toyama-1

A Selection of Recommended Souvenirs from Toyama

If you are unsure about what to buy as a souvenir when you visit Toyama Prefecture, please read on. We have put together a selection of cute sweets, practical miscellaneous goods, and more!

“Takaoka Ramune,” a Mix of the Old and the New of Takaoka Culture

Each piece of Takaoka Ramune candy is handmade by artisans using Toyama’s Koshihikari rice and domestic ginger. The different candy shapes are made using a wooden confection mold, and each piece is carefully pressed.

The designs change depending on the season, with the product featured in this article a summer-limited design that is only available from May to August. The package is a summery light blue color, while the ramune candies are shaped like morning glories, eggplants, goldfish, sunflowers, and more to give you a feel of Japan’s summer. They’re so cute that you might even think twice about eating them! The whole package is light and doesn't take up much space, so wouldn't it make the perfect gift?


T5 is written in large characters on the package, and you’re probably wondering what that means. T5 stands for 5 Tones and 5 Tastes. The five tastes are expressed in five colors and flavors: cherry blossom, matcha, yuzu, sesame, and Wasanbon sugar. When you open the package, you’re greeted with an eye-catching confection.
It is made with Toyama glutinous rice and Shin Taisho Rice, then carefully brushed with Wasanbon sugar from Awa City. It melts right away when you put it in your mouth, and the taste is very similar to cotton candy, giving it a nostalgic taste from childhood. It feels like a solid cotton candy. These brightly colored sweets look great and are perfect as souvenirs!


“Maki Kamaboko” Fish Cakes, Toyama’s Specialty

You can enjoy fresh seafood in Toyama, which is blessed with bounties of the sea. Sashimi is not the only way to enjoy fresh seafood. Kamaboko, fish cakes made by mincing fish, is also famous! Among them, the most distinctive one is “Kombu Maki Kamaboko.'' It is a taste unique to Toyama, made from fresh fish paste then rolled in kelp to preserve the flavor of the fish. This dish can be enjoyed regardless of the season. The kamaboko rolls are plump and chewy with a slight kelp aroma, and are perfect as a cold appetizer or as an accompaniment to sake. Why not bring back a taste of Toyama?


Toyama Moyo

“Toyama Moyo'' are design patterns inspired by Toyama's famous landmarks and specialty products. Through Toyama Moyo, Toyama’s characteristics and charms are shared with many people.

Various products are available as part of the Toyama Moyo series, including practical items such as handkerchiefs, tenugui hand towels, and pencil cases, as well as masking tapes and postcards that are perfect as souvenirs. They are cute and perfect as gifts or for personal use! The products are mainly sold at shops around famous spots in Toyama Prefecture. How about buying a postcard and giving it to someone special to share your travel memories with them?

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