Let's go on a journey full of charm! Trip in Kurobe city of Toyama Prefecture-1

Let's go on a journey full of charm! Trip in Kurobe city of Toyama Prefecture

Kurobe Gorge Trolley Train Trip!

Let's take a ride on the "Kurobe Gorge Trolley Train", which connects Unazuki Station to its final stop, Keyakidaira Station, for a total length of approximately 20.1 km in approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes each way!
Riding the exhilarating trolley train will give you a sense of excitement, and enjoy the magnificent natural scenery at the same time! The gorge offers a variety of spectacular views as the seasons change, but in November, the mountains are covered with autumn leaves, which are at their peak and are even more beautiful than before.

Unazukionsen Station

Unazukionsen Station is a small hot spring station located in a peaceful environment surrounded by beautiful nature.
From Tokyo, take the Shinkansen to Shin-Kurobe Station in about 2 hours and 20 minutes, then transfer to a local line and arrive in about 30 minutes.
When you arrive at the station, the first thing you'll see is a "hot spring fountain" shrouded in mist and a cute train model on the ground. At "Station Footbath Kuronagi" near the station, you can soak your feet while enjoying the view of the valley as the sun sets.
Actually, the Kurobe Gorge Trolley train station is not here, but a short walk away. So let's go!

Ticket purchase and departure

If you walk for about 10 minutes from Unazukionsen Station, you will arrive at the ticket office of Kurobe Gorge Railway's "Unazuki Station".
You can reserve tickets in advance, but many people buy them on the day, so please arrive at the ticket office about 15 minutes early so you have plenty of time!
Once you have purchased your ticket, let's finally get on the Kurobe Gorge trolley train and depart!

Enjoy the scenery from the train that rushes past

The Kurobe Gorge Trolley Train departs from Unazuki Station, stopping at various stations along the way before arriving at Keyakidaira Station, the final stop. From departure to arrival, you'll be able to see a variety of spectacular views. The Kurobe Gorge Trolley train has no windows, giving it a very open feeling! You will be excited to enjoy the breathtaking scenery while feeling the breeze!
When passing through a canyon rich in nature, don't only enjoy it with your own eyes, but also be sure to take photos!
You can take pictures that look like paintings.
On sunny days in autumn, you can see many dragonflies flying around, which is very soothing.

The highlights of the Kurobe Gorge Trolley Train is not just a spectacular view of nature!
You will pass through many tunnels along the way.
When passing through the tunnel, it was very impressive and my heart was pounding because it was so close to the tunnel!
You can also enjoy a thrilling experience.
*It's cool inside the tunnel in the summer, but it gets cold from late September onwards, so be sure to protect yourself from the cold!
Also, announcement will be made on the train telling you where to look.

Don't worry if you think I can't understand the announcements in Japanese... !

If you use the multilingual audio system guide "Omotenashi Guide" on your smartphone app, you can listen to the same content as the announcements in real time.
*Supported languages are Japanese, English, Korean, Chinese, and Cantonese.
Please be sure to listen to the announcements.

[Recommended spot 1] Okukane Bridge

When you arrive at the final stop, Keyakidaira Station, you can enjoy beautiful views of the mountains and rivers, as well as the valley from the bright redOkukane Bridge while relaxing in the station square.
Okukane Bridge is approximately 34 meters high, and the view from the top of the bridge is breathtakingly beautiful, making it the perfect spot for nature lovers.
Please listen to the murmuring of the river from Okukane Bridge. It's very soothing.

[Recommended Spot ②] Hitokui Iwa Rock (meaning man-eating rock)

At the end of Okukane Bridge is the "Hitokui Iwa Rock '', which is shaped like an open mouth trying to swallow a human, and is very impressive!!
Please try taking photos from various angles. You can take lots of photogenic photos.

[Recommended Spot ③] Riverside observation deck and foot bath

It's a waste to just look at the beautiful scenery of the gorge from the upper bridge! We also recommend enjoying the view from the riverside observation deck, where you can feel the healing power of the mountains and rivers up close.
From the riverside observation deck, you can see Okukane Bridge from below. The view of Okukane Bridge and the natural scenery from a different angle is also very attractive. There is also a foot bath (free of charge) at the riverside observation deck.
Please come and check it out! The view while soaking in the footbath is exceptional!
A foot bath surrounded by nature such as a valley or the Kurobe River allows you to feel the seasons and spend a relaxing time.

[Recommended accommodations] UNAZUKI YAMANOHA in Kurobe

After enjoying the nature of Kurobe on the trolley train, return to your accommodation to relieve the fatigue of your trip, and eat delicious food to your heart's content!
"UNAZUKI YAMANOHA in Kurobe" is an accommodation is surrounded by beautiful nature, about a 5-minute walk from Unazukionsen Station.

The rooms were spacious, clean, and comfortable enough to make you want to live there.
And from the window of the guest room, you can see the beautiful mountains and rivers of each season.
The hot springs at "UNAZUKI YAMANOHA in Kurobe'' are known 
as hot springs for beauty, and their quality is clear and pure, rich in minerals, and has health and skin beautifying effects.
The popular open-air bath with a view, “Tanayu,” is shaped like a three-tiered rice terrace, and you can enjoy a spectacular view of the Kurobe Gorge. During the day, you can enjoy the natural scenery while soaking in the hot water, and at night, it's the perfect place to spend a quiet moment while looking at the sparkling starry sky!
Please check your skin after getting out of the bath. you will see that it's now smooth!
After nourishing your skin, it's time to fill your stomach with dinner!

Dinner at "UNAZUKI YAMANOHA in Kurobe" is buffet style. You can eat whatever you like and as much as you like.
The buffet restaurant offers a wide variety of delicious Western and Japanese dishes made using fresh and seasonal ingredients from Toyama.
There are also several live kitchen corners where you can enjoy live performances such as making sushi and serving tempura right in front of your eyes.
In addition to Toyama's fresh seafood dishes, of course, local gourmet black ramen is also available, so you can enjoy the taste of Toyama to your heart's content!
All of them are exquisite and I end up eating way too much.

Breakfast is also buffet style, and you can enjoy luxurious seafood and other dishes starting from breakfast.
There is also a wide selection of dishes.
If you want to enjoy delicious gourmet food, hot springs, and natural scenery, please try staying at "UNAZUKI YAMANOHA in Kurobe"!
There is no doubt that you will have a memorable stay.

Walk around the hot spring town

There are foot bath spots all over the hot spring town of Unazuki,  making it perfect for casually enjoying the hot springs!
There are no towels available at the footbath spot, so please bring your own.
There are also many souvenir shops in the hot spring town.
A variety of souvenirs such as sweets and local miscellaneous goods are on sale, so you can enjoy looking for souvenirs.
There are also shops that sell soft serve ice cream, so it's perfect for a dessert after taking a bath!
Please enjoy walking around the city.

Are you all starting to want to visit Unazuki Onsen?
If you are planning a trip to Toyama where you can enjoy nature, gourmet food, and hot springs, why not visit Kurobe?

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