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Enjoy the Natural Beauty of Toyama

 In recent years, camping has been gaining a lot of attention, especially among campers, but here in Toyama, there are campgrounds made to suit everyone. This ranges from people who are trying to camp for the first time to those who are experienced campers. Let’s have a look at some popular locations to enjoy camping in nature!

Large Camping Grounds at the Base of Tateyama: Tateyama Piedmont Family Travel Village

The first location on our list is a sprawling campground that’s so big that you’ll not only get to enjoy camping, but with its trekking course around the campgrounds, you can get your fair share of exercise, too. It is also a campground where you can enjoy the magnificent view of Tateyama and bathe in nature.

The campground is spacious, with a total of 48 campsites and 20 cottages. There’s also a barbecue area and a small playground with athletic facilities for children to enjoy!

For those of you who are new to camping and want to start out in luxury, you can enjoy the “premium tent site plan.” This particular tent is full of charms that make the experience feel more like you’re staying in a hotel than camping. It can fit four people as it is equipped with beds/sofa beds, a fridge, and everything else you need to enjoy a comfortable stay with your family and friends.

If you’re looking to feel refreshed, spend some time in the great outdoors with a view of the Tateyama Mountain Range, try star-gazing at night, and a host of other activities. You can also partake in the unique experience of Toyama Wagyu beef at the BBQ! The BBQ tent is weather-resistant, you not matter the weather, you can enjoy your BBQ.

A Campsite in the Middle of the Tateyama Mountain Range: Raichosawa Camping Ground

To get to the Raichosawa Camping Ground, access it by public transportation on the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route. From Tateyama Station, take the Tateyama Cable Car to Bijodaira. From there, take the Tateyama Kogen Bus to Murodo Terminal and start hiking!
The hike from Murodo Terminal to the Raichosawa Camping Ground takes about 1 hour and 30 45 minutes, and all throughout you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Toyama.

At night, step out of your tent and look up at the sky. The sky is full of stars as far as the eye can see! The unobstructed view and the absence of lights from buildings and other structures make stargazing a beautiful sight that will leave you mesmerized.

The campground consists of flat grounds where it's easy to pitch a tent. The facility also offers water and restrooms. There are even several hot spring facilities in the surrounding area!

Located at the end of the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route, which is popular with those visiting Toyama, the campground is ideal for those who want to enjoy both the route and the mountains. It’ll feel as if you’re a part of the mountain range.

After hiking your way up the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route, your hard work is paid off with an unbelievably beautiful view! Why not enjoy camping at Raichosawa Camping Ground and become one with nature?



Camping with a Modern Twist: Toga Kokusai Camping Ground-1

Camping with a Modern Twist: Toga Kokusai Camping Ground

Toga International Campground is a campground where you can enjoy camping in a secluded area deep in the mountains of Nanto City. Like some of the other campgrounds listed, this location also has various types of camping experiences to choose from – but have you ever camped inside a “wooden box”? The “Sumibako” (lit. wooden box) option is a wooden trailer house.

At Toga Kokusai Camping Ground, you’re surrounded by mountains and can take your choice from cabins, outdoor camping that you can drive your car into, or a day camp that works well for BBQ.

If you want to enjoy the nature and taste of Toyama in the clear air, please come to "Camping & Resort Tateyama Sanroku Family Trip"!

The campground acts as a fusion of art and nature as it’s adjacent to TOGA ART PARK of Toyama Prefecture (considered a sacred place for theater), and here events allow visitors to enjoy the theatrical works of the theater company SCOT (Suzuki Company of Toga).

A Campsite Where You Can Pick Up Jade: Asahi Hisui Coast Auto Camping Ground

When you think of camping, you’re probably more likely to think of woods than the ocean, but at Asahi Hisui Coast Auto Camping Ground, you can camp right next to the water and swim in the sea or have BBQ on the shore, making this unique seaside camping experience more enjoyable than you might get in the mountains.

The Hisui Coast (Jade Coast) is a rare pebble beach in Japan, studded with blue, green, and cobalt-colored pebbles, and even blue-green jade stones. It’s also a beach popular for viewing the sunset, where you’ll see the beautiful beach dyed by the setting sun. Camping here is sure to be a relaxing experience. Have a look for jade as you walk along the beach. If you’re not sure what you’ve found, just hold it up to the sun, and if the light passes through it, you might have jade on your hands! Why not take some home as a souvenir?

The grounds feature large open spaces where you can pitch a tent or even take your car and park it next to where you’d like to stay. There is plenty of space on the grounds, with car camping sites where you can pitch your tent or park your car, as well as cabins and bungalows equipped with gas and water.

This campground also has an area for pets, so you can enjoy camping by the sea with your furry friend!

 If you want to enjoy ocean activities such as jade hunting, fishing, and swimming, we recommend Asahi Hisui Coast Auto Camping Ground.


Swimming, Camping, and Cycling at Hamakurosaki Camp

Here is another facility right by the water where you can drop by for a swim while you’re camping. You can also enjoy camping in a variety of options including cottages, log cabins, and campsites, making it friendly to everyone regardless of camping experience.

This campground has a sandy beach in front of it and a view of the Tateyama Mountain Range across the sea. In addition, the coastline from Hamakurosaki Beach to Iwasehama Beach is lined with black pine trees, and is designated as a natural monument by Toyama Prefecture!

You can also enjoy cycling in addition to camping here! Cycle with a magnificent view of the pine trees and the Tateyama Mountain Range.

You can rend a bicycle at Iwase Canal Hall around Hamakurosaki Camp, and there are also tandem bicycles perfect for accommodating two people, so you can rent a bike and feel the nature of Toyama as you ride.

The sea near the campground is also a fishing spot. You can enjoy casting from the beach or rock fishing around the tetrapods. Please note that the campground does not rent fishing rods, so please bring your own. The place is also great for enjoying a campfire and grilling the fish you caught for dinner.

When it comes to camping Hamakurosaki Camp has it all, like the must-have BBQ, along with other activities such as a one-of-a-kind fishing experience along the shore, and so much more.

Why not enjoy camping while experiencing the nature and townscapes of Toyama?

Set Up a Tent in Nature to Get the Full Experience

Now that you know just how fun and convenient camping can be, we hope to see you outside in the beautiful nature of Toyama!


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