Enjoy Spring in Toyama! Events and Festivals Edition-1

In this article we will introduce events and festivals in Toyama Prefecture that take place in spring (April-May). We hope you will enjoy the spectacular scenery and festivals that can only be seen during this season in Toyama. Some of them are held during Golden Week, so they might be great choices for those of you traveling in Japan.

We regularly update this article, so please check back for more detailed information as the event dates draw nearer.

Tonami Tulip Fair (Tonami City)

Dates: April 22nd (Sat.) to May 5th (Fri., holiday)
Japan's largest tulip festival! Three million tulips of 300 varieties will be in full bloom, painting the land in their vibrant hues. The sight of the gorgeous tulips spreading as far as the eye can see is truly impressive. There will also be plenty of splendid performances!

Snow Corridor Walk (Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route, Tateyama)

Dates: April 15th (Sat.) to June 25th (Sun.)
The “Snow Corridor Walk” event lets visitors walk between towering walls of snow. Seeing the Snow Walls up close is more impressive than you can imagine, and the white snow contrasts beautifully with the blue sky.

Takaoka Mikuruma-yama Festival (Takaoka City)

Date: May 1st (Sun.)
Seven Momoyama-style mikuruma-yama (wheeled floats), which feature plenty of Takaoka’s traditional techniques from their copperware and lacquerware industries, parade through the town in amazing fashion. It is said that the festival began when Lord Toshinaga gave the townspeople a court carriage that he had received from Hideyoshi Toyotomi.


Johana Hikiyama Festival (Nanto City)

Dates: May 4th (Thurs., holiday) to May 5th (Fri., holiday)
This festival boasting a 300-year tradition sees six floats carrying statues of deities parade through the town. In November 2016, the festival was registered as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage along with the abovementioned Takaoka Mikuruma-yama Festival in Takaoka City and the Tatemon Festival in Uozu City.

Festivals in Toyama in May

  • Dates: May 1st (Mon.) to May 2nd (Tue.)
    Large, 7-meter-high paper lantern floats are paraded through the streets. The highlight is the “float battle” that starts around 11:00pm on May 2nd. In December 2017, the festival was registered as a Future Heritage Project.

  • Inami Yoiyasa Festival (Nanto City)

    Inami Yoiyasa Festival (Nanto City)

    Dates: May 2nd (Tue.) to May 3rd (Wed., Thu.)
    The festival began in 1833 as a ritual to pray for prosperous business and family safety, and features six portable shrines paraded through the town.

  • Yoshakoi! CHOUROKU Festival (Uozu City)

    Yoshakoi! CHOUROKU Festival (Uozu City)

    Date: Planned for mid-May
    This is a new festival in Uozu that was started in 2013 to spur liveliness and vitality in the local community. Inspired by the traditional Uozu performing art of "Serikomi Choroku," the "Yoshakoi! CHOUROKU Contest" was a great success, as a total of more than 700 people performed!


List of Events Held During Golden Week

The following is a list of events that will be held during Golden Week. Please refer to it when planning for your long holiday.

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