Yamachosuji (Street lined with earthen-wall storehouses) 山町筋(土蔵造りのまち並み)

A neighborhood where the traditional townscape of Japan remains

Over 600 meters long, Yamachosuji is a historical neighborhood with lines of merchants' earthen-wall houses. It was created when Lord Maeda Toshinaga of the Kaga Domain decided to invite settlers to Takaoka when he created the castle town, and the neighborhood still lives on to this day, imbued with those ancient traditions. The earthen-wall storehouses in the Onmadashi-machi, Moriyama-machi, Kifune-machi, and Konmadashi-machi areas were built with outstanding fireproofing at the beginning of the 20th century after the great fire of 1900. The neighborhood is centered around lines of earthen-wall homes with a massive yet refined design together with traditional western-style buildings. Yamachosuji was praised as an excellently designed group of traditional buildings and designated as an important preservation district of historic buildings. Every year on May 1st, the Takaoka Mikurumayama Festival takes place here, with the beautiful floats parading with the historical district in the background. The Takaoka Mikurumayama Museum exhibits floats all year long, and lets you experience the moving wheels virtually while you bask in the festival atmosphere. Come here and experience Takaoka's traditions and culture.

Takaoka / Himi / Imizu


Address 富山県高岡市御馬出町~小馬出町
Telephone Number 0766-20-1301
Fax Number 0766-20-1496
Getting There ■10-minute walk from Takaoka Station
■10 minutes by car from the Takaoka I.C. on the Noetsu Expressway

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