Himi Mountain And Sea Delicacies Cooperative

Mineral-Rich Deep-Sea Water and "Nagaramo" "Nagaramo Udon" is made of Nagaramo, a seaweed full of nutrition, and deep-sea water, which has a mineral balance similar to that of the human body. The thin noodles have a smooth and silky texture. [Nagaramo is full of nutrients] Nagaramo is a kind of seaweed harvested from the Himi Coast of Toyama Bay only in winter. Scentifically known as Sargassum horneri, it is rich in dietary fiber and polyphenol, which are often lacking in the modern diet. In particular, it contains approximately five times more of "fucoidan" than the ordinary seaweed wakame. Nagaramo is believed to have cancer-suppressing, blood pressure-lowering, and cholesterol-reducing effects.

●Pork and Alcohol-Free Menu Available

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Address 935-0016 富山県氷見市本町15-5
Telephone Number 0766-74-2263

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