Farmhouse Restaurant Okado 農家レストラン大門

Treat yourself to the traditional home cooking of Tonami.

This restaurant is situated in a remodeled Azumadachi-style farmhouse, originally constructed in 1955. This architecture style is unique to the region of Tonami, and so is the food served here! Starting with our specialty Okado somen noodles, you will find many unique dishes such as yubeshi (egg and ginger vegetable jelly), yogoshi, (miso-flavored boiled vegetable leaves) and maruyama (fried tofu with various fillings). These dishes are all prepared with locally-grown ingredients for local consumption. Take some quiet time to enjoy the traditional foods of Tonami, while looking out over the tranquil countryside.

Tonami / Gokayama
Regional Cuisine


Address 939-1316 富山県砺波市大門165
Telephone Number 0763-33-0088
Opening Times 11:00-14:00(Lunch)
*Reservation required for large groups only
16:00-22:00 (Evening)
*By reservation only
Closed Closed on Wednesdays and Thursdays
(Open for regular business during new year’s holidays)
Car Park 1 bus, 30 cars (plenty of space)
Getting There By car:
■ 8 min from Tonami IC
■ 8 min from JR Tonami Station
By bus:
■ From Tonami Station take the city bus Shogawa line to the Okado stop (about 9 min)

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