Shogawa Onsen Area (Tonami) 庄川温泉郷(砺波市)

Cure yourself in lodgings beside clear waters

Spend some relaxing time at the Shogawa Onsen Area. Known as a therapeutic spa since the old times, this resort will heal your everyday fatigue the moment you immerse yourself in its hot waters while admiring the clear waters of the Shogawa River. One of the attractions of this resort is that it allows you to savour delicacies from the sea, river and mountain all in one place. In particular, many guests visit in early summer to taste the Shogawa speciality, grilled ayu (sweetfish) with salt. Nearby flows the Uriwari no Shimizu (lit.”Split-melon Clear Water”), so called because it was so cold that it split a melon.

Tonami / Gokayama
Hot Springs


Address 932-0305 富山県砺波市庄川町
Telephone Number 0763-82-5696
Getting There 30 minutes by Kaetsuno bus from Tonami Station (JR Johana Line) to Shogawa
15 minutes by car from the Tonami Interchange on the Hokuriku Expressway

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