【Closed】Johana Oriyakata じょうはな織館

Feel the history of traditional silk fabrics

【Closing at the end of March 2023】
The moment you step inside, you find yourself in a space that reminds you of early Showa Period architecture. Situated in the middle of Johana, also known as Little Kyoto, this is where the town’s silk fabrics have been handed down and exchanged over the years. Tour the weaving workshops, weave your own products, browse in the shop that sells original small woven products or relax in the gallery and coffee shop. There’s a row of weaving machines in the Experience Space on the 1st floor. Savour the excitement of seeing the fabric gradually weave itself into a shape. Why don’t you enjoy the world of weaving in the various courses held here?

Tonami / Gokayama
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Address 939-1864 富山県南砺市城端648-1
Telephone Number 0763-62-8880
Fax Number 0763-62-8882
Opening Times 10:00-17:30 (November – March 10:00-17:00)
Closed Wednesdays (Open on national holidays), New Year period
Prices Free
Car Park Available
Cost of parking:Free
Getting There 45 minutes by train from Takaoka Station (Johana Line) to Johana Station, followed by 12 minutes walk
15 minutes by car from the Fukumitsu Intersection on the Tokai-Hokuriku Expressway
Website http://www.oriyakata.com/
Notes Time required: 30 minutes – 5 hours depending on the course
Course costs: [Desktop weaving loom course] Approx 12cm x 12cm ¥1,200 - 4 courses, [Takabata (hand loom with pedal) course] Approx.12cm ¥1,800 - 3 courses
Inquiries: 0763-62-8880 (Course reservations: 10:00-15:30)

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