Set Net Fishing Sightseeing (Toyama Bay Marine) 定置網漁観光(富山湾マリン)

Observe impressive set net fishing from a pleasure boat!

Fixed net fishing viewing experience You can go watch fixed net fishing from a sightseeing boat. The boat departs early in the morning at 4:30 from the boarding point at Himi harbor. See the powerful spectacle of fishermen catching fish from up close! The tour lasts for approximately 90 minutes. It can be combined with an option to visit a fish market auction.

Takaoka / Himi / Imizu
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Address 935-0011 富山県氷見市中央町7-1
Telephone Number 0766-74-5250
Opening Times 4:30 -6:00
Closed Closed: Sundays, holidays and days when there is no fishing
Prices ¥43,200 (Group charter only)
Car Park Available. There are three large vehicle parking spots are in front of the Himi city fishing culture exchange center.
Getting There 5 minutes by car from the Himi Interchange on the Noetsu Expressway
20 minutes walk from Himi Station (JR Himi Line)
Notes Reservation: By phone
Maximum number of people: 50
Subject to cancellation due to bad weather.

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