Passive Kitchen

"Passive" means accepting the power of nature and working with what she gives. Passive Kitchen treats food as a blessing from nature. They aim to be an international restaurant that introduces and disseminates food cultures from all over the world so that people with different eating habits can rest assured with their delicious meals.

★Halal Certified
●Uses Halal-certified Meat
●Uses Halal-certified Seasoning
●Dedicated Halal Kitchen Available
●Uses Dedicated Halal Kitchen Tools
●Dedicated Halal Tableware and Cutlery Available
●No Pork
●Pork and Alcohol-Free Menu Available
●Vegetarian Menu Available

Muslim Friendly Restaurants


Address 938-0031 富山県黒部市三日市茅堂4016-1 パッシブタウン内
Telephone Number 0765-32-3009

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