Oiwasan Nisseki-ji Temple 大岩山日石寺

Cleanse your mind and body. Soothe your heart.

There are numerous temple buildings and other sights to see in the grounds of this temple, including the Oiwa-san Nisseki-ji Stone Buddha, the Oiwa-san Nisseki-ji Magaibutsu, a three-storied pagoda, the temple gate and six waterfalls. The waterfall training in the winter is also famous. Make a reservation to experience purifying your mind and body under a waterfall and take some time to reflect on yourself.

Hyakudanzaka, the main road to the temple, has restaurants and inns. The Oiwakan inn was the set of the 2009 movie Tsurugi Ten no Ki. Oiwasan is extremely famous for its somen noodles, and this is the place to enjoy these supple noodles made with delicious Toyama water and featuring a smooth texture. Each shop in the temple town features somen noodles as well as agar-agar jelly, mountain vegetables, freshwater fish, and much more. Come try them with your somen noodles!



Address 930-0463 富山県中新川郡上市町大岩163
Telephone Number 076-472-2301
Opening Times The office closes at 16:00
Closed Open every day
Prices Free
Car Park 100 free parking spots
Getting There ■10-minute drive from Kamiichi Station on the Toyama Chiho Railway
■25 minutes on the municipal bus headed to Kakizawa and Oiwa from Kamiichi Station (There are few trips so please check the schedule)
■15 minutes by car from the Tateyama I.C. on the Hokuriku Expressway
Website http://ooiwasan.com/home.html
Notes ■Universal Access: wheelchair accessible, automatic doors, slopes, baby chair, multipurpose bathroom

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