Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route 立山黒部アルペンルート

Enjoy some magnificent views as you cross the Northern Alps!

Straddling Toyama Prefecture and Nagano Prefecture, this mountain sightseeing route traverses the Northern Alps, a stunning sequence of 3,000m peaks. You can cross the magnificent mountainous scenery in a relay of various vehicles, such as cable car, ropeway and trolley bus. Offering everything from relaxed trekking courses to arduous mountaineering, the route can also be enjoyed by mountain climbers of all levels of experience. It also boasts a variety of record-holding attractions, such as Japan tallest dam, Japan’s oldest mountain hut and Japan’s highest train station. Savour the dynamism of nature in every season of the year!

Nature & Scenic Sights


Address 富山県中新川郡立山町芦峅寺ブナ坂外11国有林
Telephone Number 076-481-1500
Closed Closed during the winter season
Car Park Tateyama Station Parking Area
Free parking: For approximately 900 vehicles
Extra parking: For approximately 600 vehicles
(Free. Only available during busy periods.)
Getting There It is not possible to drive between Tateyama Station and Ogizawa. When coming from Toyama, please park at Tateyama Station and take the Tateyama cable car.
Toyama Chihou Railway
Approximately one hour from Toyama Station, get off at Tateyama Station and go to the second floor (cable car boarding area.)
Approximately 40 minutes by car from the Hokuriku Expressway Tateyama Interchange.
Website https://www.alpen-route.com/en/
Notes Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route
Tel: 076-432-2819 (Tateyama Kurobe Kanko)
Tateyama Nature Conservation Center (information about rock ptarmigans and Tateyama's natural environment)
Tel: 076-463-5401
(Kurobe Dam)
Tel: 0261-22-0804 (Kuroyon General Reservation Center)
(Volunteer Tour Guides)
Tel: 076-462-1001 (Tateyama Town Tourism Association)

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