Murodo, Tateyama 立山室堂

Feel the history in Japan’s oldest mountain hut

Japan’s oldest mountain hut is in Murodo. It was used as a mountain hut offering accommodation until the beginning of the 1980s. However, after it was specified as a cultural property, a new mountain lodge was built on adjoining land and the hut is now preserved as an important cultural property. Religious relics from the 12th century were discovered during excavation work that was carried out during its disassembly and repair. Foundation stones of a building built in the 15th century have also been found and it has been established that religious activities were held there by monks and ascetics since the Kamakura Period. The current building was rebuilt many moons ago in 1726. Just imagine how many people have used it as a base for climbing Mount Tateyama. We strongly recommend that you visit this historic hut.

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Address 富山県中新川郡立山町芦峅寺室堂平
Telephone Number 076-462-9971
Closed Closed during winter
Prices Tour inside the hut ¥300
Car Park None (Cars not allowed)
Tateyama Station car park 1,000 cars (Sometimes reduced to 500)
Cost of parking:Free
Getting There 10 minutes walk from the Murodo Terminal (Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route)
Notes Tourism volunteers
Tateyama Rindo-kai (Tateyama Town Tourism Association)
Inquiries:Tateyama Murodo Lodge 076-463-1228

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