Kurobe Dam 黒部ダム

Japan’s largest arch-style dam is impressive!

Completed in 1963 after 7 years of labour by 10 million workers, this is Japan’s largest arch-style dam. The story of its construction has been handed over the generations as the enterprise of the century. Enjoy the magnificent sight of the intense discharge from the 186m high dam and the clouds of spray it produces! As well as its sheer presence as an architectural structure, you can also enjoy the curious history and stories of Kurobe Dam. Experience the wonder of Japan’s biggest dam in a beautiful natural setting.

Nature & Scenic Sights


Address 富山県中新川郡立山町芦峅寺
Telephone Number 0261-22-0804
Closed Closed during the winter season
Car Park None (Cars not allowed)
Tateyama Station car park 1,000 cars (Sometimes reduced to 500)
Cost of parking:Free
Getting There Immediate walk from the Kurobeko Station (Kurobe Cablecar)
Website http://www.kurobe-dam.com/
Notes Inquiries:TEL 0261-22-0804/FAX 0261-22-9645
Facilities for persons with disabilities and infants:
Disabled (multipurpose) toilets

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