Inami Kibori no Sato Soyukan いなみ木彫りの里創遊館

A place that allows you to enjoy wood with all 5 senses!

This roadside station is packed many fun things to see, eat, and experience. Inami Kibori no Sato Soyukan (Roadside Station Inami) is home to many corners that let you appreciate the wood carving town of Inami. It features the "Takumi Kobo," an artisan workshop where you can learn about traditional wood carving from Inami up close, the "Nanto Rakuichi", where you can buy many local Toyama souvenirs with an emphasis placed on wooden items, and the "Create Kobo," a spot where children and adults alike can experience woodworking. We recommend the "Create Kobo" to children and people who love making things with their own hands. From simple items like plates, pencil cases, and small boxes to sake cups and speakers carved from wood with a wooden hammer and a chisel, there are many kinds of courses that can be tailored to you depending on your available time and interest. (Most courses last around 1 hour).

Tonami / Gokayama
Art and Design Craft Workshops Regional Cuisine Food Products


Address 932-0226 富山県南砺市北川730
Telephone Number 0763-82-5757
Fax Number 0763-82-6886
Opening Times 9:00-17:00 (Market, mystery theatre)
10:00-18:00 (Restaurant), 10:00-17:00 (Create Kobo: only open Sundays, reservations needed)
Closed The market closes the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month and for the New Year Holidays
Prices Takumi Kobo Visit: Free
Inami Chokoku Sogo Kaikan (Inami Woodcarving Exhibit): 500 yen
Woodcarving Experience (plate, pencil box, small box, sake cup, wooden speaker): Starting from 1000 yen
Car Park Free parking: 100 regular spots and 11 bus spots
Getting There ■15 minute drive from Fukuno Station on the JR Johana Line
■50-minute bus ride on the bus to Inami-Shogawa departing from Takaoka Station. Get off at the Kanjoji-guchi bus stop. 5-minute walk.
■15-minute drive from the Tonami I.C. on the Hokuriku Expressway
Notes ■Visits also possible on Saturday and Sunday
■Sales corner
■Experience corner
■Great for children

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