Kokiriko Festival こきりこ祭り

Let’s all have fun doing the Kokiriko dance!

The sounds of a flute and drum echo round the elegant Shirayama Shrine. To the airs of plaintive melody, a graceful votive dance is performed. The entire Kaminashi district is thronged, with stalls lining the precincts of the shrine, a folk song stage erected in the Kokiriko Hall and lion dances being performed. For the last event, called a Mass Kokiriko Dance, the locals form a circle and all dance the Kokiriko. People who have come to view the spectacle are also allowed to join in the circle and dance along, playing the sasara (bamboo whisk).

Tonami / Gokayama
Festivals & Traditional Events


Address 939-1914 富山県南砺市上梨654
Telephone Number 0763-66-2468
Prices Available
Getting There 20 minutes by car from the Gokayama Interchange on the Tokai-Hokuriku Expressway
60 minutes by train from Takaoka Station to Johana Station (JR Johana Line), followed by 30 minutes by Kaetsuno Bus to Kaminashi
2 hours by Kaetsuno Bus from Takaoka Station to Kaminashi
Website https://gokayama-info.jp/en/


Time 12:00-
Venue Shirayama Shrine, Kaminashi, Nanto

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