Yoshimine Exchange Centre/Yoshimine Hot Spring Land Souvenir Shop

Rice: We grow and harvest our koshihikari rice in the terraced rice paddies of Tateyama Town. Our top-ranked rice is nurtured with pure snowmelt and low temperatures. The package design, inspired by both a monk's staff and a farming hoe, is unique, making this rice a typical souvenir for tourists.
Water: We offer pure water from the Nothern Alps with the fascinating Tateyama Snow Wall on the package. You may want to give it to your friends and family with this stylish design.

●Pork and Alcohol-Free Menu Available

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Address 930-1362 富山県中新川郡立山町吉峰野開12
Telephone Number 076-483-8022
Website https://www.yoshimine.or.jp/

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