Porttram (Light rail) ポートラム(ライトレール)

Safe, Comfortable Public Transportation Focused on the Community

Porttram is a tram which runs from Toyama Station’s north entrance to Iwasehama, and is Japan’s first authentic LRT (light rail transit). This tram was designed with a low floor, in order to be barrier-free, with absolutely no step when passengers board or alight. Trams are also environmentally friendly as they do not emit gas. Moreover, the tram helps to alleviate crowded roads and reduce traffic accidents by suppressing the number of people who use cars. This is a mode of transportation essential to the community which is safe, comfortable and environmentally-friendly.

Toyama City
Attractions Transportation


Address 930-0001 富山県富山市明倫町
Telephone Number 076-432-5530
Website http://www.t-lr.co.jp/

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