Toyama Tourism Information Office (Toyama Station Clarté 1F) とやま観光案内所(富山駅構内クラルテ1F)

Choose your favorite package and make the most of Toyama!

The Toyama Tourism Information Office (Toyama Station Clarté 1F) is the place to find all the information you need on tourism in Toyama Prefecture. You can also buy transportation passes there, from all day passes for tramways and buses in Toyama City to passes to go see industrial tourism and gourmet attractions unique to Toyama, like lunchtime auctions at Shinminato Port (Imizu City) or metalworking workshops in Takaoka, the traditional crafts town. Find your favorite package at the Toyama Tourism Information Office and make the most of Toyama!
■Iwase hop-on hop-off ticket for travel around the city of Toyama
(820 yen for adults, 410 yen for children)
・A one-day hop-on hop-off ticket usable for the tramway and buses (servicing ¥280 route segments from Toyama Station).
■Toyama City Gurutto Bus Day Pass
(700 yen for adults, 350 yen for children)
・A one day pass for the Gurutto Bus and the tramway.
■Out and About Gourmet Coupon
(1000 yen for both adults and children)
・Go around the city with the tramway and taste trout sushi (7 shops) and Toyama delicacies (5 shops).
■Toyama Quick Trip (Industrial Tourism)
(2800 yen for adults, 1200 yen for children, 3500 for a parent-child set)
・A scheduled bus tour in Toyama City (morning and afternoon courses)
■Lunchtime Auction and Shinminato Red & White Rice Bowl Lunch (Industrial Tourism)
(2300 yen for both adults and children)
・Go see the lunchtime auction at Shinminato Port before enjoying Shinminato's best gourmet lunch: the red snow crab and glass shrimp sashimi rice bowl!
■Takaoka Kanayamachi Tin Crafting Workshop (Industrial Tourism)
(2000 yen for both adults and children)
・Come experience the craftsman life in Kanayamachi (tea and snacks are provided for 500 yen more)
■Nousaku Metalcasting Experience (Industrial Tourism)
(1000 yen, 2500 yen, 4000 yen for adults, 500 yen for children)
・Come create an original item, unique in the world (choose between 9 different workshops)

Toyama City
Attractions Tourist Center


Address 930-0001 富山県富山市明輪町1-230(富山駅構内クラルテ1F)
Opening Times ■Tourism Information 8:00-20:00
■Travel Package Sales 9:00-16:00

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